Sacred Breath Circle & Yoga Facilitation​

An Inner Journey

Heart of Breath Ceremony . Yoga . Meditation . Qi Gong

A healing journey of your body and mind.

Workshops & Private Sessions

Relax and Transform

Embark on a sacred journey and expand your self awareness.

Clear your mind, unblock patterns, let go and connect with your heart.

Each workshop is a journey into your centre.

Whether you are joining Kyle for a yoga class or Heart of Breath Ceremony, you will be guided on a sacred path home.

About your facilitator - Kyle Joseph 

Kyle is an international facilitator in vinyasa yoga, conscious connected breathwork, meditation, Acupressure and an intuitive massage therapist. As a highly qualified practitioner in these fields, his passion for personal development leads to continued studies and trainings in yogic practices, meditation and holistic health. He has woven his training from several mentors to make each practice unique. 


Kyle’s respect for the sacred and his reverence for the land was initiated with over seven years of living self-sufficiently in the mountains of Australia's Granite-Belt and open woodlands. Each offering echos his soulful practice within nature.


Yoga itself was a safety line that transformed Kyle's life in a time of great loss. Through qualified intensive training's and personal daily practices of Yoga, Qi Gong , meditation and conscious connected breathing,  he was able to heal from the trauma of losing both his parents, best friend, partner and home within months of each other. 

Kyle is passionate about the healing and restorative value of Yoga ,body work, breath therapies, sound healing and invites the sacredness of these practices into your life.

Certified Breathwork, Vinyasa Yoga, Massage, Fusion Acupressure Practitioner


Yoga Workshops

Yoga - a sacred practice

Yoga Class

 Breathwork Therapy

Private Sessions - Balance & Peace

Breath Work Ceremony

Heart of Breath - a journey within

Yoga & Breath Retreats 

Restore & Transform

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Classes & Workshops

Body . Mind . Heart . Breath 

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