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BreathWork & Meditation 

These unique breath ceremonies combine movement, posture , meditation, the meridian system and acupressure to deepen your practice, transform stress, depression, or anxiety for a deeper sense of peace and joy.

When we create space in the body and the mind, then there is room for energy to flow. When energy flows we can invite in healing. 

One of the quickest ways to align with the heart and energise the body is through guided "Conscious Breathing”.  During each Ceremony /workshop you will be guided in a safe practice that invites awareness around the breath, its depth, rate and flow which allows for an opportunity to release and resolve emotions, belief systems, stress and memories; which are often inaccessible through the more conventional talk therapies.

In these ceremonial workshops you will experience 

  • A peaceful opening into the heart via the breath

  • A gentle approach to create expansion in the breath, body and mind.

  • Connecting the breath into your heart space for a deeper sense of peace and joy.

  • With consent , gentle acupressure is brought in to help clear blockages along the body's meridians.

  • Sound vibration is also used for deepening and clearing the path for expansion into the self. Science is also proving the benefits of sound and frequency.

  • Grounding meditation , shared from years of intensives and international trainings including India, Canada, U.S, Indonesia and Australia.

  • Group sharing ( having space to talk with others in circle about your journey)

  • Safely contained circles 

  • A professional facilitator with years of qualified trainings , coming from a place of compassion and daily practice.

  • A registered counsellor is also on hand. 

Outcomes of Conscious Breathing

  • Ease anxiety

  • Improve sleep

  • Calm the mind

  • Improve energy levels

  • Open into the heart

  • Change belief systems

  • Reduce stress

  • Clear loss and trauma

  • An understanding of the sympathetic and parasympathetic responses

Qualified: Breath Work Facilitator, Acupressure Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Massage Therapist

Come into your heart via the breath


Sound Journey & Yoga: Service
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